Hen with PMS?

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    My RIR hens are 20 weeks old today and are going to start laying any day now [​IMG] My question is, around the time they start laying can they get a little grumpy? One hen who does the squat when you pet her and has already claimed her nest box became grumpy today. When I went to check the nest boxes she kept biting me! - I know chickens don't 'bite' but you know what I mean. It wasn't just a little peck but a grab and hold on type of pecks that leaves a mark. And she was clucking/squaking really loud. Up until today she has been so sweet. Just wondering what's going on. [​IMG]
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    That's how each of my hens acted right before they layed their first egg, minus the biting. They walk around making grumpy noises, looking at every possible spot that might be considered for laying (my newest hen to lay today even checked out the dog house w/o the dog in it thank goodness). They jump in a nest box, out of a nest box, back and forth, complaining the whole time. Get very grumpy with their sisters too.
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    The others are doing the complaining but she is the only one who just started biting. Maybe she was just having a bad day? [​IMG]

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