Hen with red vent sticking out - very dirty feathers - runny poop - and very strange white beak!?!

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  1. nomizamir

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    Jun 8, 2016
    Three days ago, one of my hens showed up with a strange pink thing popping out of her vent - I reckon it's the tip of her abdomen, like a proplase or something like that.
    When I first saw it there was a liquid ( like the egg's white) coming out of there, but later it stopped, and she seems to be trying to poop all the time, but jsut a little, grey/white runny poop is coming or should I say spilling out..
    all her feathers around the vent are very dirty (I should clip them..) and the vent is seems swolen and very dirty..
    I put her apat in a seperate outbuilding we have on the farm, so the others won't pick at her.
    She seemed tired that day but today she seems better, she's eating and drinking and really wants to get out..
    I've been meaning to give her a lukewarm bath with detoll and I was told to put on and inside her vent, just didn't have time to deal with it so far. Planning to do it later on today..
    Any ideas? She's an old hen, don't know exactly how old (got her from a friend..), just a simple layer from the co-op, but otherwise she was healthy.
    Today I noticed another strange thing: her beak has turned white - as if covered by some sort of something. I'll post a picture later on.
    As I said, her behavior seems like normal, but her vent looks really really bad..
    I have to admit I'm new to chickens and handling them and touching their vent is all new to me and kind of appaling so I'm not running to do that allthough I know I should.. :(
    Please let me know any ideas you mihgt have on what is going on with her??
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    Jan 26, 2007
    central Ohio

    Yes, it does sound like a prolapse, but I don't know about the beak thing. There is a lot of information on here about dealing with prolapse...but I have never had any luck in dealing with prolapse and I felt like the hen suffered very much both times we had to deal with it. The first one, we humanely dispatched her. The second one I did try to treat, but was not successful and the hen died. But some people do have luck with it, it is worth researching. However, it may not be for you if you have not even had the time to bathe her, because it is pretty labor intensive to treat, from what I understand. Please do not let her suffer though. Bathe her and then re-evaluate. If you don't want to treat her, or put her down yourself, many vets will do it for a reasonable fee (less than a dog or cat).

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