hen with Swollen larynx

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    Mar 15, 2013
    If somebody could help me!!!
    my hen has the larynx swollen for 1 month
    A yellow product appeared (at right side of Larynx). First (3 weeks ago), I tought that it was a fungus and i used Antifungal medication. It made nothing. The yellow product progress again
    1 week ago I discovered that the yellow product came loose with a q-tip (roughly pieces). Now, the larynx is very swollen and the yellow product returned. She cannot any more eaten.

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    Hi there. I personally am stumped for the time being but I am looking through my little chicken bible here for an answer. The first think that popped into my head was aspergillosis but you have not said anything about paralysis or tremors... I was off base there. I am trying to think whether hydrogen peroxide and water mixture for drinking water. If the is an injury or cut leaking puss the hydrogen peroxide may leave a trail of bubbles on the cut or wound. I am still stumped personally.

    One other thought since I am so used to home remedies for illnesses in chickens . If breathing becomes real difficult with the throat like that and you feel she may be on the way out I would crush an antiinflamatory such as ibuprophen tablet and mix a bit into the drinking water for her only.

    Wow, best of luck. If I come across anytyhing else in my bible here I will reply again.. Lots of people here, hoping that someone is familiar with those symptoms... Steve
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    I only have 1 case that resembles your, somewhat. She may have injured her neck while trying to fly on a roost or something. She may have missed like a lot of chickens do to get up to the roost. They use their necks and flap like crazy to get up. She may have damaged her throat. Wish I could remember whether chickens have hyoid bones in the throat?

    That is possible cause if there are no other symptoms visible besides the eating.. Another home remedy I can recommend to try to bring down the swelling. You may think I am a weird 1 for sure...

    boil some water, pour one cup (measuring cup)
    grate ginger just a pinch
    cinnamon powder pinch
    black pepper 1/2 a pinch
    hard or liquid honey... tsp worth

    Mix it all up while it is hot then refrigerate or cool it down in the freezer even for a few minutes. You don't want to scald the poor hen. Use an eyedropper and wet the end of the beak to indicate to the hen that liquid is coming and hopefully she accepts. If not accepted, force the mouth open and carefully use the eyedropper and give her a little at a time. If she is drinking water then replace this supplement with the water.

    I am rooting for your girl there . Someone here may know some real treatment.... I am trying to help with the swelling issue so she does not suffer... Steve
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    Jan 17, 2013
    im going to take a guess here too? could this be canker? canker is caused by the development of pus germs following a digestive problem or injury, its symptoms are cheesy growth in chickens mouth or throat. to treat use 250 mg metronidazole 1 times a day. give him as much support as posiable . usually canker is a common thing in compromised or stressed birds. i really hope this helps. the growth in the mouth leads me to believe it is canker. take a look at symptoms of canker and see if you agree. if she were my bird id guess this is canker and treat accordingly.you might also want to follow above for swelling. hope she gets well soon.[​IMG]

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