Hen with undershot beak


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May 31, 2013
Have just bought a small pullet ( laying) and the owner told me she has slightly undershot beak ... She eats ok - i am wondering if i will have to clip her beak back (?). Owner said she had already done this ... Will this be an ongoing requirement ?? She is healthy in every other way ....
If it is really "slightly" undershot and she had clipped it back - how does it look to you? I would imagine it would require trimming like nails. Does she have any problem eating/drinking? As long as she isn't used for breeding (this could be genetic) I see no problem with it.
I'm not quite sure what you mean by undershot but I guess that one is longer than it should be or it wouldn't have been trimmed.

I have a slightly crossed beak pullet with a longer bottom beak than top. She couldn't drink properly so I had the bottom beak trimmed and it had to go just into the area that bled. This beak has not regrown at all.

The top beak, just to be difficult, then decided when the bottom wasn't stopping it anymore to grow a real hook on the end. This I have to trim regularly so she can eat properly. It is only growing off the tip of her top beak so never gets trimmed near far enough that it would bleed. It regrown quite quickly.

So to answer your question I think it will depend how much was cut off and if they had to go back into the bleeding area.
As you can see from the photo - her beak appears crossed at the tip ... She is eating and drinking ... And i was told starting to lay.
Thanks for replies appps and drumstick diva . Do i have a problem with her beak do you think from the photo ? I bought her in the dark ... Power off after a storm .. Didnt properly examine her when owner handed her to me ! Lol! The owner was only concerned i wouldnt take her because of beak ... But as she is in good condition I didnt hesitate ... I am new to this "game" ... Now in daylight i realize her beak is not right and i am worried about it . ( she pecks her food sort of sideways)

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