Hen with unusually large crop


Aug 22, 2018
I’ve noticed in the last 2-3 days my welsummer hen has an enlarged crop.

It doesn’t seem to be affecting her movement or appetite but it definitely looks bigger than it’s supposed to.

I couldn’t get any good photos front on, she moves around a lot

She may have a pendulous crop. Does her crop this morning feel full and firm or puffy? If her crop is full this am, I would separate her in a dog crate with water that has vitamins and electrolytes, and no food. Massage the crop several times a day. Recheck the crop this pm and again in the am to make sure it is going down. Here is some info on dealing with crop problems:

I was away for a couple of days when I posted this as my parter has been injured and needs looking after, when I got back home her crop had gone back to normal and no longer swells. I will still be monitoring her as closely as I can.

I did not notice lack of appetite, in fact she was scratching around and eating and drinking as normal, her crop was just over large and swollen for two days or so.
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