Hen won't move around, aggressively rests in coop

What should I do?

  • Let her be, she'll get over it

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  • Medicine (please note which kind)

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  • Move her to see if physically injured

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  • Massage crop

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  • See veterinarian

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  • Feed special food (please note which kind)

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  • Other (please note)

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6 Years
Sep 23, 2013
Previously active and friendly middle-age buff orphington chicken won't move around as she previously did before. She just lies down inside coop all day yesterday and end of day before. Position is similar to sitting but wings a bit more spread, head lower, and torso on floor.

No visible mucus around nose, eyes, or mouth. Recent droppings slightly more gooey but still solid. Had large bowel movement yesterday morning (while in lethargic state) after coming out of coop before eating, only one small one since that time. Did not come out of coop to eat this morning. In agitated, defensive state (similar to her demeanor when egg laying), as she will aggressively peck anyone trying to make contact. Still alert and aggressive peck demonstrates alertness.

Yesterday morning came out of coop to eat, but has not left coop since. Will eat inside coop when food is set before her. Some feather loss beginning to appear of smaller underside soft feathers. No visible wounds, blood, or hurt appendages as able to be seen from her sitting position or when last seen exiting coop to eat yesterday morning.

Other chickens (2) avoiding coop area and do not peck her. Seems to be in different orientations around coop, sometimes facing forward or backward or sideways.

NEED help! Any comments or suggestions helpful!

Chicks Galore3

Artistic Bird Nut
8 Years
Dec 16, 2011
She doesn't happen to be sitting on eggs/in the nesting boxes, is she? It sounds like she is perhaps broody - where is the feather loss? Very broody chickens (Which orpingtons have tendency to be) will pluck their chest feathers to "line" a nest and to create a warm patch for the eggs.

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