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    I have a few questions on this.

    For example, has anyone ever gotten a Sebright rooster than was NOT henny-feathered, by any chance? Does this even happen, even in, say, badly-bred hatchery birds? Is it a dominant gene? I'm curious, it's pretty tricky to find reliable information on this.

    Much appreciated! [​IMG]
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    Quote:Henny Feathering: Hf
    Is an autosomal incomplete dominant gene that causes female-type plumage structure and ( if applicable ) plumage pattern and colours on males. It works by affecting the hormones in the feather follicles, and is a breed characteristic of Campines, Henny Game, and Sebrights.

    Yes it is possible to have a Sebright rooster that is not Henny Featherd.

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    also- a bird not pure for henny feathering can look completely hen feathered. Also impossible to tell if hens have henny feathering or not, so could see how a non-henny 'slips thru' occasionally.

    I have crosses of henny feathered with non, both with sebrights and an american game. Many of the boys are totally henny feathered. One cockerel was rather interesting as his feathers were hen shaped but managed to show rooster gold duckwing coloration on his body. Also hear that cockerels that don't show total henny plumage will molt out into total henny in their second year...

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