Henry doesnt need me anymore

Discussion in 'Geese' started by Mom 2em All, May 13, 2011.

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    Its so sad that he has grown so much. He is still just a sponge with some feathers poking through..however, in two days time- he and Doodle,my muscovy mule (8 weeks old?) have become inseperable buddies.
    I can say his name, and he will sass me still, but no longer finds the need to come running to me every time he sees or hears me. [​IMG] The two of them spent the entire past two days eating grass and exploring the yard...sticking their heads through the fence to eat the "grass that which is greener on the other side"... It was HIS choice not to be with me yesterday. He had no desire.

    Last night, they snuggled up together on the deck and didnt even need Mama... I sat out there with them way past dark, until around 10 pm, and he didnt climb into my lap. I came in the house, out of the house, back and forth..but he was sleeping with his buddy. It was their first night outside. [​IMG] I get up at four thirty in the morning, and rushed out there. Sound asleep. However, i was suffering great Henry withdrawals- so I picked him up and brought him inside. He slept on my lap while I had my morning coffee. Lasted about an hour and he was ready to go back outside with his friend.

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    it b ok [​IMG]
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    Those teenagers!!! Their all the same:lau
    his friend is a new thing, wait til he gets used to it and secure that his friend will be there then he will come running back to momma for loves:love


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