Hens attacked by possum.. all living still but need help


9 Years
Apr 18, 2010
We have 4 hens. Last Friday night, we left the door open to the coop
possum finally got his chance.. All are living, NO signs of puncture wounds at all . One not affected at all and now seperated.
One has one eye closed completelty. One has a Rodney Dangerfield eye and the other eye closed completely. Another has small wound on face. All 3 are very lethargic. Sleeping constantly.. I get them out to give water. Bought some antibiotics but i have to give to them by medicine syringe.
Are they going to survive the trauma? I don't know what else to do.. HELP?
Are they eating and drinking on their own? This is one of the most important things.

I would continue to keep them in some situation where they can stay quiet and warm and feed them a protein supplement (boiled eggs, catfood) and put vitamins/electrolytes in their water. This is just to help aid their bodies in the healing process. It's hard to say exactly what the extend of the injuries might be to their heads, but if it's just bruising, they should hopefully recover completely.
they do very very little on their own that i have witnessed. I have given them the medicine and a few small nibbles of food. I am very encouraged tonite because they went up in theire hen house by themselves tonight. Very excited. I hope i am saving them.

thank you again for the reply.

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