Hen's eye swollen, good poo, eating and drinking ...needHelp!

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    Ok, this is a chicken we "saved" from the hen mass production line. (bought her at an auction) Anyhoo, her sisters are all fine but her eye has swollen horribly and she could almost not see out it. the most horrid smelling stuff came out of it. very runny and just stinky yesterday. She is quarrantined. She is eating and drinking and her poo looks like normal healthy poo. She has been picked on by the other chickens in the henhouse. I have been giving antibiotics in her water and she is drinking good. REALLY thirsty. I need to know what this is so I can give her the best medicine to clear her up. Sorry some are a bit blurry, I wanted to get a close up shot of her eye

    [​IMG] [​IMG]
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    I would try to keep the area as clean as possible. Try warm compresses. Is she breathing ok? If it is a sinus problem Tylan 50 or 200 should help. One is oral the other injectable. You may need to put some ointment in her eye. I'm sure someone will be along to help that knows more then I do, But I would start with the warm compresses...Gloria
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    That poor girl has an infection in her eye.

    Flush it with saline solution regularly (tap water will actually "dry out" the eye).

    Call a local vet and explain the situation. Ask if they can provide a medication to help clear up the eye infection without requiring a visit (many vets don't want to bother with chickens anyway).
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    Thanks everyone. I was hoping it was as simple as an eye infection. I have been giving her teramycin laced water and when she drinks (and she drinks a lot!) she shoves her whole head in the water....by accident giving her eye a good teramycin wash out! She is remarkably better after 2 days of the teramycin but I also have some eye medication that I have squirted in there.

    We will keep our fingers crossed that she does much better. She is at least eating and drinking very well. and poo is good too! That poor eye just stinkos! Thank God for DD who watches her poultry like children. She is a good girl!!!
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    This morning she is looking remarkably better feeling a bit more chipper, still stinks but it is getting better! Thanks everyone for your help!

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