Hens kicking straw out of nest boxes, something better to use?


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Apr 26, 2010
I have two 5 1/2 month old hens and one 8 month old hen, none of which are laying, but we have been putting straw in their nest boxes with fake eggs to entice them and all they do is kick the straw out of boxes on a daily basis. Is the some other material that would be better to use? Any advice? They have shavings in the rest of the coop.

i would put in a higher lip on them.i used pine shaving in mine and they kick them out too. i add one handful of pine shaving in each box a.week i add about 5 handful in the begining.
I agree. I had the same propblem until I put a higher lip on it. I've used wood shavings, straw, and long grass clippings (Grass that I let get about 8" tall before I cut it). With a higher lip, about 5", they all work. With a lower lip, none work.
Mine kick out whatever I put in their nesting boxes and lay on the wood floor of the boxes, so i use whatever I can get cheapest or free.
OMG! The Ridge is back online. I was starting to think I need to be writing his eulogy. Betcha he's been off spoiling that new granddaughter of his. That could be a full-time occupation.

To get back OT, I agree with the others. I use hay in my nestboxes, always have. I pack it in real tight and the nestboxes are actually covered kitty litter pans. Never had a problem.
My chickens do the exact same thing! Well actually.... only one of my chickens do that. Still, it is a major waste of straw!
Yeah, they like to get in the nest boxes and scratch around--once they are laying it pretty much stops. I have a 4 inch lip on my boxes and they still kick some straw out.
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