Hens loosing feathers

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    Aug 27, 2012
    Hello, some of my hens are molting and look pretty beat up. Is there anything I can give them to help them regrow their feathers?
  2. More protein, either get a higher protein food or supplement with a little dry cat food, meat scraps, meal worms or any other high protein food...
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    Nov 3, 2014
    The best thing you can do for molting birds is minimize stress. Losing feathers during molting is a natural process for your flock, one that, though not pretty, is restorative.

    To help support your birds through their molt:
    • Make sure you offer plenty of space (4 sq.ft./bird inside and 10 sq.ft./bird outside)
    • Wait until the molt finishes before adding new members to the flock
    • Provide balanced and complete nutrition (Flock Raiser is a great molting feed)
    • Allow free-choice access to clean, fresh water
    • Offer plenty of soft, clean bedding
    • Minimize handling – the birds are very sensitive during feather regrowth
    • Provide warmth

    It is a rough period, but molting is a chicken’s natural version of refreshing. Once completed, expect your birds to return to normal egg production (perhaps with slightly larger eggs than in their first cycle) and beauty!.

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