Hens not eating since the move...

Discussion in 'Feeding & Watering Your Flock' started by mom22alcorns, Mar 27, 2012.

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    Hey BYC'rs! Got another questions for you to help me with. [​IMG] I built a new coop across the run from the old coop, maybe 8 feet away. I closed off the old coop and moved my hens into the new coop Sunday night. At first they all piled up at the closed off door of the old coop at dusk and just milled around. I ended up placing them one by one into the new coop when it got dark. They stayed there until morning and have been going in to roost at night with no problems. I put the same nest boxes in the new coop also and they have not missed a beat in that area. (except for one who now drops her egg in the middle of the run each day...silly girl[​IMG] ) The only problem I am having is that now they seem to not be eating. In the old coop it was too small to have their feeder hanging in there. In the new one there is plenty of room and it is hanging in the corner. They know it is there as I have seen a coiuple of them go and pick a few crumbles out, but that is it. I used to fill the feeder every single day, and so far I have not had to fill it since sunday night. It doesn't look much lower and they are in a run so I know they are not getting full elsewhere. What could be up with this? Should I worry? I love my gals and don't want skinny hens....lol Any advice welcome and appreciated!! [​IMG]
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    A move is very stressful for a hen, my hens stopped eating (not completely, but they just picked at thier food) for over a week when I moved them. Give it some time and if they still aren't eating post again!

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