Hens not laying


7 Years
Mar 17, 2013
I live in the Dallas area, and have 6 hens, who have been consistent about laying. For the last month, I am getting 1 egg a day. It is hot, usually in the 90's but the coop and run are shaded, there is plenty of feed and water, and they are out running around like usual with healthy red wattles. Hens are all around 3 years old. Anyone else having no eggs? Any ideas on what might be going on?
I hear ya! Central Wi here, 8 hens and I am only averaging about 3 eggs/day. I have noticed a few shell less eggs here and there so I think I am getting more of those than I am seeing(they are probably just getting devoured before I see them). Now my problem is trying to figure out who is laying the softies and why! My current working theory is that they are free ranging so much they are not eating their food and therefore not getting enough calcium.
Go back and check when it was(month) they first laid. Most hens molt annually at that time. Also weather and age--they begin slowing down at 3, may be factors.

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