hens not laying


10 Years
Jun 5, 2009
my hens are'nt laying for about a week now. i have 5 red cross and 1 arucana rooster. my flock is a little over 1 yr old. i feed them layena crumble and pellet. they have fresh water and from april till oct they free range and have access to a pond and stream. during the fall and winter (i keep them in because of hawks) i was getting 2 egg a day. they also like to eat what my horse spills out of his bucket. i've also found broken eggs and empty broken eggs. i have 5 17 wk olds coming in 1 wk. should i fry the older ones or is there a solution?
there are no eggs to collect and none around yard. what if i put fake eggs in nest boxes?

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