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    Dec 14, 2010
    i live in south-west texas. i have had hens for over 4 yrs. each year i would buy 3 doz more. last january i bought 3 doz and my older were giving me @ 2doz per day. as summer came they slowed to about 1doz (heat) then in sept down to 6 eggs. then oct one or two. since the first of nov none to one egg. i have tried light, better feed,. you name it i have tried it. even the new hens now 10 months old aren't producing. the older ones are not loosing fethers (moth)
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    Quote:You should maybe post this in the Chicken Behaviors and Egglaying forum
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    Hopefully someone with more chicken experience than I have will be able to give you some answers. Our seven 8-9 month old girls have been laying 6 eggs a week since they started laying but all of a sudden this past week have gone on strike. I'm hoping that it is just the season! [​IMG]
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    Have you checked for any signs of stress? Illness?

    The four year olds sound like they're just simply getting old though. . . Most chickens come from production stock, which only lasts an average 3 years, then stop their production or slow it down dramatically.

    The new, younger ones may just be slowing down because it is that time of year, or they're doing a "silent" molt. (Some birds stop laying or slow down their laying weeks before they molt, then while molting, it happens quite quickly and you don't really notice any feather loss. . .)

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