Hens or Roos? I heard crowing


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Apr 26, 2013
I have 10 chickens. 6 are 3 1/2 months old and the other 4 are 3 months old. We cannot have any roosters and I hear some crowing early in the morning. Help! Can you tell which ones are roos by my photos or do I need to take them to a local feed store?

Barred Rock Suspect #1

Suspect #2

Suspect #3

Suspect #4

suspect #5

Here is a group of them....most of the ones I posted individually

Do you think any of the others could be? I figured that #1 was probably one but just want to make sure before I get rid of any. I am thinking that we have more than one rooster. It is so hard to tell for me even after all of my research online. I keep second guessing myself. LOL
The barring looks the same on 1, 2, and 3 - wouldn't they roos be different than the hens? So I am voting all three are hens (or roos). If #4 is the same breed as 1-3, my vote is on #4.

Could you keep one inside overnight and see if you hear crowing from inside or from outside? Process of elimination. And to confuse matters more, I have heard that sometimes hens will crow, if there isn't a rooster in the flock.
When you say keep the suspect inside...do you mean literally inside? LOL I can keep him in a cage on our screen porch near where we could hear him. Also, if I separate the suspect by itself will he still crow without other chickens being near?

I have seen one of the RR ones pictured chest butting the other RR that is the same age. While it was the feathers all around the neck flared out and the tail feathers were standing straight up and looked as if they were cascading down. I cannot believe that out of 10 baby chicks from the same breeder that we would have half of them be roos!! I certainly hope not!!
Here are a few more photos

This one same as previous. Name is "Tye Dye"


This one is called "Taffie"

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