Hens Pecking My Rooster

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    Nov 19, 2016
    I recently bought 12 Isa Red Ready to lay hens. I let them settle in then I put my rooster (who is around a year old and is an Americana cross breed) in with them. They really seam to like him but they peck at him a lot and he is starting to loose feathers all around his neck and shoulder areas. I'm not sure what to do. He doesn't seam bothered by them pecking at him so I don't think they are hurting him but worried they are going to start. I attached some pictures of him.

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    For some odd reason most roosters allow hens to peck and pull out their feathers if the hens are inclined to. I would make sure you are feeding a higher protein feed to your new hens, something with 18-22% protein, preferably at least 20% to prevent deficiencies which they may already have. You can't stop your hens from pecking him. You could separate him out to try to break the habit.
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    It's common behavior especially for a young roo in with a new flock of hens. I have a young roo 6 Mos with a new flock and he mates some but gets his butt kicked afterwards by the girls lol. But they respect him.

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