Hens roosting in trees


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Sep 25, 2019
I am looking for advice. I have brought, a month ago 3 point of lay hens. I am an experienced hen keeper. My hens are free range with 5 acres of farm grazing land. When I have new hens I keep them in a fenced run until they know where to roost and then gradually introduce them to the big outdoors, and the other members of the flock. Their hutches are in a small fenced copse which, Have so far, in the last 10yrs been fox proof. The new girls insist on roosting in the copse trees! too high for me to catch and shut away for the night. My worry of course is foxes but also the weather, they get soaking wet in the rain but also winter is coming and freezing conditions. Although I'm in the UK and temperatures are not normally extreme. Shall I go back to square one and try to train them where to roost or just leave them to it?


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Apr 17, 2012
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Hi! :frow Welcome to BYC!

I would figure out how to keep them out of the trees. Perhaps clip their wings? I had two chickens who slept in an apple tree, when I first had chickens. Even in the rain and snow, they preferred the tree to their coop. Then one morning a golden eagle plucked one right off the tree. The other one never went up there again, and I would never allow it again.

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