Hens stomping chicks to death?


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Jun 29, 2008
Albuquerque, NM
Our ultra broody cochin/silkie bantams are on their first and second clutch (mix of 2 moms on their second clutch and their 2 teens on their first clutch). Six of eleven eggs have hatched, but we just found two dead...one that came out of its egg today and one that came out of its egg two days ago. The other four chicks seem to be doing fine, but I've noticed the mamas in their scratching and dustbathing have kicked a few of them over and they struggled to get back up on their feet. Do mama hens ever stomp their babies to death?
Sadly they do crush them sometimes. Mostly when she is a first time mama. If she is with other hens, move her to her own run with the chicks. Also make sure she has enough space to move around and hopefully she can avoid the chicks. Good luck!!

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