Hens stopped laying+white marks on comb

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    Nov 13, 2012

    Please help me with my 2 chickens.
    They stopped laying eggs and their combs decreased in size and have white lines/marks.
    I have externally wormed them, and internally I wormed them with herbal product VERM-X but I think I may need to use some heavy duty chemical product.
    During the summer and beginning of fall they instead of going to sleep during the night in the coop - they sleept on a tree branches - got wet and cold several times before I realised.
    Today I inspected their skin for parasites and I didnt find any parasite.
    What I found with their skin is - their skin is dry and scaly - similar to eczema in humans.
    So it seems that their combs are affected in similar fasion as the skin.

    I think they have no diorhea - poops are hald white half brown/black.
    They spend most of the times inside the coop. They do not roost but instead - they sleep in the nest (probably to stay warmer)

    Their apetite seems decreased and weight also.





    thank you

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    First off, [​IMG]!!!!!!!

    From the descriptions on the web pages, they don't seem to have any comb diseases. Are any of them molting? Sometimes chickens get skin trouble when they molt--you'll often see dandruff appear on the skin as their feathers fall out and grow back. They could also just have "chapped" combs from the colder weather. Are you sure they're losing weight? Winter is tough on chickens, and sometimes they need extra calories to get them through. To continue laying, they also usually need 14hrs of daylight. I'd try to first look at the simplest possible solutions, and then start to worry!

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