hens with diarrhea, one died


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Apr 8, 2008
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I have 4 (3 year old) hens, and a 6 (5 month old) pullets (and one same age roo). A week or so ago, I noticed my old RIR girl, Red Hen, who of course was my most beloved chicken, had diarrhea (it was all over her backend) and the next day, I found her dead. =( I have been keeping a close eye on all the others (they live together, they have a large coop and a large outdoor fenced in area) and today I noticed some very runny poo in the pin. Don't know who is belongs to. They are all eating, drinking good and acting just fine, but then again so was Red Hen. I feed them a lot of table scraps.... is there something that could have made her sick? Or is it worms? Wondering if I should de-worm them. I have Albon on hand for my goats, (for coccidiosis) but it said on there not for chickens over 16 weeks of age. Any suggestions or advice is appreciated. Thanks in advance.

(side note... I ordered all of them as day olds from Ideal, I don't buy chickens from any other sources for fear of disease)
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No weight loss, change in behaviors?? Don't think cocci???
Depending on how you feel about medicating, you might try yogurt/buttermilk first - generally used to easy intestinal issues/diarrhea. If that didn't make things right, I'd probably try worming. I'm not familiar with the wormer you mentioned, but most chicken meds we use are for goats/horses anyhow. It may say not above POL age because there's a meat/egg withdrawal period??
Sorry about the loss of your fav. girl

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