Her comb has black on it and is smaller in just a week what is going on poor thing Help!!


13 Years
Apr 29, 2010
I have a hen right now whose comb looks all messed up. She has been broody for about a week and yells at all the girls and of course me when we get close. Her comb which was normal and lovely prior to brooding is now looking really gross and it is freaking me out Please help
Not too cold we are in Oregon it is 50 during day 30 at night but i have a heat lamp in the coop for when it gets really chilly.
wanted to throw out some random stuff I've heard. Maybe one will click. ;). My hens had dark combs from cherry juice, I know it isn't cherry season any more. I know someone told me they had dark combs from hen pecking, so maybe the other girls are mad she is in that nest box? And last tidbit, I have learned combs can show the health of the bird in some cases, and they often change. Hope you figure it out. :)

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