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9 Years
Apr 14, 2010
Maui Hawaii
Have been considering a mini aussie that has been trained to herd chickens or i can train to herd chickens. Anyone out there that has feedback??
This shouldn't be hard to do as long as the dog knows not to hurt them. My Boston Terrier was easily trained to herd my chickens, she liked to chase them in the first place and I would tell her to leave them alone once she learned they weren't food I started to give them command "Get Em" and she would run after them. The chickens aren't stupid and immediately head toward their coop. Now any time my chickens are being bad and destroying my wife's garden I can easily round them up. You can also try to teach your chickens to come when you call, just say something like "Here chick chick" every time you feed them it wont take them long to recognize this call as the dinner bell! Hope this helps
People in the herding group say you can't herd chickens but I disagree. I have an australian shepherd who herds them. The trick is, he cant go at them like he does other live stock. he has to larn to keep his distance so they don't scatter.

he is a wonderful dog,and I love ausies. They are great family dogs, usually good tempered, and very devoted to their humans. The only trouble I have with the breed is that they can get so devoted they have to constantly come back to their master to "check" on them while working, so you have to constantly redirect them back to their job, they can be hard headed (but all herding breeds can be heard headed), and you have to be careful with them during the heat if you live in the south like I do. I shave his bely, under his legs, chest and bottom to help him stay cool
I've had several Aussies, but never herded chickens with them. Where I bought my first Aussie, the breeders started their pups on ducks before moving them up to small livestock. Aussies are incredibly smart, no reason why they can't be trained to herd chickens. Knew a fella one time who sent his Aussie in the coop to gather the eggs, one at a time.
Our blue healer / Aussie mix helps quite frequently. He's pretty gentile and doesn't get over zealous about running at them. I'd say it can be done with a bread that has the instinct to heard.
My border collie will herd chickens, rabbits, and lawn mowers...
He chases our rabbits around the deck, my brother's rabbit follows him all day long. He'll always herd silkies, he never bites anything, he just nudges them with his nose. The chickens aren't scared of him anymore, its pretty funny.
most are handfed babies so come to thier names (or feed depending on who is watching =-})

but since i am dogless at present, figured i'd get one that could work toomahalo from maui
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I have a Australian Shepherd mix, and he is the utmost best herding dog ever. I can trust him to watch and guard my chickens for as long as I wish. I'll send my flock of 23 chickens out into the unfenced fields, knowing that he will be there to keep them in a safe, tidy, circle. I've even trained him to herd the flock back into their run at 6:00, if I don't give the command earlier. He even sleeps inside the barn near the coop to keep them safe. You should try to train your dog as well, It's very easy.

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