Here are new pic's What am I breed and gender 5-6 weeks old


6 Years
5 Years
Jan 23, 2014

Chic #1

Chick#2 (We think this one is a roo)

Chick # 3

We have 4 of them but we could not catch the last one they are fast little suckers I really hope they are not Cornish rocks I will be very sad and so will the children
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They're not Cornish cross in any possible way. A CX would be close to butchering weight by now, would be waddling, would have bare places where there were no feathers... no fear, these are NOT Cornish X.

Chick #2 is a boy. I think they are all white Leghorns. Remember, even when you buy sexed pullets, up to 10 chicks out of every 100 may be boys. You were just one of the "lucky" ones. I was too, this year. One of my Australorps was a male, even though he came from a sexed pullet bin.
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