Here Bok Bok, that is how I call them to eat! (pics added)

hehe! Thats a very cute, unusual flock or silkies
I really enjoyed that cute video! MY! You have a lot of little ones!

I call Brandy "Murk-murk" because that's what it sounds like she says. My BOs say Bok-bok, my rooster has the most variable vocabulary, Dahlia still peeps and screams, and Penny growls and makes broody sounds! I love to listen to them all.
Unusual? You mean not all silkies act like mine? Don't tell them, you might give them a complex?

Here are a few still photos.

These are the two that AnnaMosity came a picked up for her mom today.


BB and a couple of his kids, who I think are both roos:


A group photo of some of them:


A little lt blue fuzzy butt:


And my three (yes 3) broodies who are sitting on nothing but shavings until my seramas from frank get here:


Thanks so much. I love them to death. I am sure I post more pictures than the folks here who have show quality, but I am so proud of them, I have hatched them all from eggs so I feel like they are my kids.

Thanks that is not really the yard, it is the old garden spot. Notice there are no plants. I decided I like growing chickens and goats much more than I like growing veggies. Will be headed to the farmers market this year.

I feel kinda bad about having them inside again, but I don't know how my big girls would act. I did give them a new temporary momma that they seem to like though! And they are eating and drinking and talking just fine, so I'll just enjoy the "babyness" while it lasts.

I'm sure everyone will be sick of looking at them before long. I only wish I had my new camera with the first group.

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