Here I go again! hatch date 3/19-20


13 Years
Jun 26, 2009
in Wisconsin somewhere
I just set (8:30 pm on 2/26) 130 eggs
7 dz delaware, + 48 of our own eggs. Leghorn, RIR, Silkie, Brahma, EE or ANY mixes! now I wait
We made our own 'bators (4) out of coolers, u can check out my page egg-u-bators to see what our first one looks like. (last years) all temps are stabilizing after the shock of adding the eggs and the wood turners. I'll keep an update here. feel free to hatch with me!
I am going to set 41 tomorrow (getting temps. adjusted now) but have a question. I have hatched enough bators full to loose count but was told something by my sister that I have never heard of befor. She says if the temps. get on the safe but high end it will produce more roos. Are chicks predetermined befor they are incubated or does temp. help determine the sex?
I have a friend that told me that also BUT I hatched some chicks out in December and I have had more pullets than cockerels hatch out of that hatch and the temps ran 100.9 - 102.3 during the whole incubation process.

I wish you all good hatches. I have 8 more days until my eggs hatches.

we must of been thinking the same thing tonight,I just put in 50 tonight at 9:17pm. I have Never did this many before Last one that I did was last summer with only 6 eggs. I go them from a friend. I have RIR, RIRxWelsummer,Easter Eggers, Barred Rockx Welsummer,
Barred Rock and 2 unknowns.

they are due to hatch march 27th

When hatching our tortoises if we incubate at 30 to 32.5 then we usually will hatch females, 27 to 29 for males. However the higher the temperature eg 33-35 then babies hatch with shell deformities. It s a fine margin and requires accuracy of temperature

However it is my understanding the environmental temperature fluctuations within a 'normal range' DOES NOT affect the sex of the developing embryo. The sex being determined at fertilisation.

Hope that helps

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