Here we go again. Set eggs on March 7th *We Have PIPS!*


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Aug 26, 2007
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Yep, here we go again. I set a bunch of eggs on March 7th. A bunch from BamaChicken (I'm going to get those blue orps if it kills me) and my suprise gift from my secret swap pal Smitty's Farm... 19 Cuckoo Marans. WooHoo!!

The really good news is, they are due to start hatching on my Birthday. (that'll be day 20 but I expect early birds) I'm getting fuzzy butts for my Birthday.

At what point do you get fuzzy butt overload? I have 101 running around right now. But about 60 of those well be going to new homes on April 5th. DH had over load at 5

Love them fuzzys.
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So far really good. Candled the other day, looks like all the Marans are doing well and 6 of the Blue Orps. Still struggling with the humidity but it's been within acceptable range the whole time. Currently on day 10. I'll know more in about 4 days. The Marans were hard to see much in them, since they are so dark. I should be for sure this next candling.

How are your's doing?
We have pips folks. It's day 20 and one blue orp from BamaChickens flock marked Spl, that would be the splash coop I guess and poked a huge hole in the egg and is just sitting there with her beak sticking out deciding if she likes what she sees outside the egg or not.

I've also got a pip in another of Juile's eggs marked MO, so I think that's the mottled coops offspring. This is all very good news for me. It's my Birthday, so it's very kind of them to come out early to help celebrate.

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