Here We Go Again (small vent)


10 Years
Jan 11, 2010
Family went to a benefit to help out a family that lost their home to a fire.
It was pretty crowded so there were not a lot of places to sit. We did find a small table for the kids and DH and I just stood to eat our meal. We didn't mind.

Well as we were standing there in walks the ex-cousin. Boy did we get a dirty look. She has both boys with her. We say Hi to them and ignore her.
We just tried to avoid her.
I was talking with one of the boys right in front of her, just to make him smile, because even though we dislike her we won't take it out on the boys, unlike her taking her attitude out on my kids. She snapped at him to hurry up.
As we were leaving she flipped DH off! He returned the gesture even though I told him to not to.

I know we won't be able to always avoid her, but it makes me mad that she treats my kids like garbage and gets DH in a bad mood by giving him dirty looks and gestures.
I did think of some nasty things I would like to do, but she's not worth it. Sometimes I hate small towns.
She divorced DH's cousin.

Wonder what she is going to think when I go down the river as a chaparone with their second son.

Already went with the oldest boy. Did threaten to throw him in the river a couple of times, but it was all in good fun and jokes. We had a blast.
they used to come out here with their dad to go sledding, but we got concerned that if one of the boys got injuried she would sue us. That ended the sledding.

DH went into town today to get some recapped tires on our feed truck. He was in the same place as the benefit and the owner came up to him and told him that if he said anything to this ex-cousin again she is going to kick him out.
Excuse us?!?
I called the owner up and found out I was accused of calling the ex a foul name in front of people.

I was pretty ticked off for awhile there.

I hold grudges. Guess this place will no longer get my business or money.
Relate what accurately occurred to the owner, and hold off on a decision of whether to boycott the business until you hear her response. Unless she or someone neutral witnesses inappropriate altercation, she should not be responding to one side of a story. She has opened herself to a suit for slander.
Sonoran Silkies that was the owner who told DH that she was going to kick him out.
I don't plan to eat there either. One of the ex-cousins friends works in the kitchen and has given us dirty looks too. I wonder if she has ever spit in our food.

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