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    Ken is still unemployed, the original deal never materialized. Surprisingly enough we are doing ok, only having to put off a few bills. Today we went to visit Ken's sister whom he hasn't seen in years. She looks so much like him it is frightening. Her hubby is super nice and so is she and we got along great. Turns out that the China Lake Naval Base is nearby and has a ton of jobs.

    Heading out there today, my head was filled with no way am I gonna move out there. There is NOTHING there. I am please to report, I was WRONG. I LOVED it there, greenery, clean air, houses far enough apart you can't hear your neighbor start their car. Rental prices are SUPER cheap for a LOT of land. Another cool thing is that because China Lake is a weapons testing area, you watch them firing missiles at night and see the sky streaked with light. Oh, and the fact that the base pays people who move there a "location" enhancement to the tune of about 8k a year to live in the middle of nowhere. 20 miles to the grocery store I can deal with - I have lived further out than that before.

    So, please say some prayers to whatever entity you pray to. I would really, REALLY like it out there.
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    Prayers said........all the best to you all
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    Hoping the best for you and yours!
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    They will have even more jobs opening up there because they are expanding. DH will be looking up there too. But I am still holding out hope for a job in Oregon/Washington. He's not, but a girl can dream. *sigh*
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    Quote:Tricia I was totally floored at the number of jobs available there. Over 8,000!!!!!! It seems they can lure people from other states and they get there and are totally culture shocked. Well, you and I, we have living the desert life for a while now. We know the drill. And the area is much nicer than Edwards AND Hesperia. The creosote and sage there is over 10 feet tall!!!!
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    Positive job Vibes heading your way [​IMG]
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    Quote:Thanks lil sis.
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    Hopin it works out for ya'll [​IMG] [​IMG]
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    Fingers crossed and good vibes headed your way!

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