Here's a dumb question...


10 Years
Sep 20, 2009
Southeast, Arizona
I'm soo new to chickens that the 'lingo' is going WAY over my head.... what is 'broody' ?? And if you can think of anything else to tell me please do... I know nothing except that I love my chickens!
A big welcome to you. Broody is the term used for when a Hen wants to sit on eggs to hatch them. She gets "moody" but broody is a term meaning hovering and keeping warm. Baby chicks go into a "brooder" to keep warm and safe if there is no mamma. A broody hen can be mean, or quite, determined or flighty. Some are notorious for sitting thru floods and storms, kids, and nosey owners. I seen a broody bantam hen go thru an auction with her eggs, nest and all. She never budged. Just looked out at us in the audience with defiance. It was rather sweet, as long as you didn't get your fingers near her beak. I feel sure she hatched every one of her eggs.
You'll be up all night on here reading if you're not careful, enjoy. HenZ

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