Heritage large fowl started chicks & turkey poults: German NH, RIR, Barred Rock, more


9 Years
May 26, 2011
3 to 4 week old started chicks: pure German New Hampshire, these have not been outcrossed with any other line; Mohawk (Reese) SC Rhode Island Red, Good Shepard Barred Rock. Straight run, Mix or match. Depending on size, I can fit 5 to 7 chicks in one box. Started chicks are $12 each. I also have or I am still hatching Royal Palm, Slate, and Lavender turkeys, turkey poults are $10 each one week old, $12 one to two weeks old. I cannot ship the turkeys with the chicks. Buyer pays for shipping box ($15) and shipping costs. I can ship Mondays or Tuesdays, Express Mail.
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