Heritage Non-Hybrid Bronze Turkeys

A.T. Hagan

Don't Panic
12 Years
Aug 13, 2007
North/Central Florida
Only a handful left!

If you are in the North or Central Florida area and in the market for turkeys then Dun Hagan Farm has the birds for you!

Whether you are looking to grow your own for the holidays or simply want to have some good looking mobile yard art we have the birds you want.

The Standard Bronze is the classic non-hybrid heritage breed. The toms will mature in the 35-40 pound range with the hens in the 20-25 pound range.

The birds were hatched in late April of this year so can be ready by Thanksgiving if you feed them right. They will be ready for breeding in the late winter/early spring of next year with the first eggs appearing sometime in March.

All turkeys are $15 each straight run. I won't be able to determine male from female before about four months of age. I do not have any mature birds for sale.

I am located in Williston which is more or less midway between Ocala and Gainesville to their west.

The birds as they looked today (June 09) in their grow-out pen.



The poults in their brooder.


This year's hatch on their way to the brooder.


Our Standard Bronze breeders (we keep several toms). My breeding stock is not for sale.



ALL of our birds are grass-raised in poultry tractors (bottomless, movable pens) that are moved every day.

]If you are interested you may contact ALAN via e-mail or by phone at 352-317-0930 Monday through Friday AFTER 5:00 p.m. or anytime 9 a.m. to 9 p.m. on the weekends.

Thanks for looking!
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Do you possibly have any eggs available. I am needing bourbons & bronze for a grant we are working on at our farm & I am realizing we are late in the year getting started. We'd appreciate your consideration!

Eva Jessee
[email protected]
I'm sorry, but I've stopped selling turkey hatching eggs for the season. The hens are beginning to wind down in laying and with the summer heat the fertility/hatcability is not good enough that I would want to sell them.

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