Hermaphrodite chicken?

Discussion in 'What Breed Or Gender is This?' started by chickney, Feb 5, 2013.

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    Our flock consist of 11 birds. 2 ducks, 1 official rooster and 7 hens and well... a maybe rooster-hen. Our bird of question started off so small and was always a slow grower. Then one day we found that they had started to lay eggs. She laid about 6 eggs, which were distinctively hers. Last night my husband was out side and heard our regular rooster crow, then there was another crow that followed. He came back in and told me and I just kind of rolled my eyes and said whatever (thinking he was just hearing things). Then today he was out there again and this bird had one of our other birds mounted! So this gender bender is only about 8 months old. We do not know what to do in terms of only wanting one rooster. Should we wait to see what characteristics they have?

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    It's more likely an ovarian issue that's messing with her hormones. Can you post a picture of her?
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    can you post a pic?
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    This chick got buff and stalky pretty much over night! We were just talking about how much this chicken has grown before the gender bender!
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    We had one just like this and it ended up killing 2 very rare hens which I paid a lot for. Reggio did not last much longer
  8. It looks like a rooster with those hackle feathers. You are posotive they were "it's" eggs? If I didn't know the details before I would say you have a rooster....mother nature is a crazy thing sometimes.

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    It IS a rooster. If you caught him in the nest box (hence making you think he was laying eggs) he was probably either hiding out from your other rooster or trying to court your ladies by preparing a nest for them. My rooster gets in the nest box everyday and makes a nest for his girls. I see nothing strange about that bird, he's a good looking boy. That photo does make him appear rumpless though...

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