Herniated ubilicus?


12 Years
Jan 31, 2007
I am having a GREAT hatch right now but... I have a few chicks 2 that I 've noticed so far that seem to have a herniated bellybutton. It sticks out and is red. Is this harmful? Can I do something? Will this other chick peck this? They are delawares. Thanks
Where's the picture's?I want to see picture's.
Your chickies are all wet I'll go snap a quick pic and post it ! Tha way ou can atleast see a few of them I still have some hatching.
I found a chick had pipped in my incubator yesterday, but I did not hear any chirping etc. I listened for it, and then decided to investigate. I broke a bit of shell away thinking that the little guy was having a hard time getting out, even though the humidity was high in the bator. Still no sounds, so I took the top off of the egg only to find the chick was dead. Upon further investigation, I noticed that the yolk had not been absorbed seemingly at all. A huge amount was hanging outside of the chicks body. What causes this sort of thing to happen? I have only had it happen a few times, but unlike on this thread, none of the chicks have ever lived.

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