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  1. Its been some years since I've been an active participant in the chicken world, but I'm once again looking into starting a backyard flock. While I'm sure I'll have a Silkie or three in there, I primarily want a "breakfast flock".

    I know that I want at least one or two Araucana bantams in the mix, but I prefer to buy from a breeder who has birds with nice BLUE BLUE eggs.

    So who's on top of the Araucana world these days? Back in 2008 I guess, it was a lady in the North East. Can't remember her name at the moment.
  2. No one?

    And that shows you how rusty I am. I want bantam Ameraucana's, not Araucanas. Preferrably blue wheaten, or lavendar (self blue).
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    You can check out the buy/sell section here for folks selling eggs. I've not looked at bantam Ameraucanas myself, but I drool over Lark Rise's beautiful large fowl Wheaton birds...and those blue, blue eggs [​IMG]

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