hey can someone post pics of some of there partridge rock bantam


9 Years
Sep 18, 2010
woodsfield ohio
i just got today
i got them bc a good friend of mine said all they do is hide in the corner all day and hide from big hens
she said they aint livin a good life in there and she knew i wood give them a good one
they have oiled feathers from being cooped up
never been on grass or free ranged
never really seen sunlight cept for out the door and window n they havint even seen much of it bc theyve been hidin in corner
theyre faces are pale
the little roos comb and wattles are reder but his face is white
the hens face is all white and pale lookin
there afriad of alot of stuff
but im hoping since they live w me they will b able to have a better life free rangin, eatin lots a bugs, and other stuff they never could do
but i would like to know what i got myself into gettin them

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