Hey hey... Southern Minnesota Chicken lady!


Jul 13, 2022
Southern Minnesota
Finally joined the chicken community on BYC... I have utilized this resource so much the past two years with my chickens and decided to make it official and joined! 😊

I'm from southern Minnesota and really have enjoyed raising chickens the past two years... definitely learning a lot along the way and most importantly teaching my two kids a lot about animal husbandry.

Looking forward to sharing, learning and supporting other chicken lovers!
:welcome Welcome to the forum! I'm from northern Minnesota, so I guess we can both complain about the cold weather coming this winter. My chickens will not go outside in the snow.

Anyways, recommend you add your geographic location to your member icon. It helps people target their advice to your climate. I mean, I really don't expect someone from southern California all their life to tell me how to raise chickens in our Minnesota winters.

Hope to be hearing more from you in the future.

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