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Nov 7, 2018
Hi, I'm CluckingChickenss. Here are a few things about me. I hope you like my posts!

1. The first time I got a Chicken was... most likely when I was three. We had three Golden Sexlings and one Road Island Red.
2. Currently, my family and I have four chickens in total. One Black Silkie name Midnight Blue. One pure white Silkie named Snowfeather. We bought two three-day old Golden Sexlings to slip under her since she was broody. She has accepted, which was a relief because it was the first time we had done it. We need a few names, so feel free to leave some. It would be great help! Here's a picture..

They are very cute!
3. My favorite thing of having chickens is.. well, everything! To watching them grow and laying eggs, its so much fun and delight to care for something, but its not really a lot of work.
4. Another thing I do is horseback riding. Yes, I can jump and lope. ( Lope is a jog kind of, pretty fast, close to a gallop.)
5. I have 5 birds right now. One cute little birdie, cockateil. He is our only pet thats not a chicken other than the neighborhood cats that we share, though we don't really like when they come near our chickens. Heres a picture of Jack, our bird.
Isnt he cute? :lau

Well, thats it! I will be remodeling my chicken coop, so look out for that! It will hopefully look like our house mini version. Thanks for reading!
Hi, and welcome to Backyard Chickens! BYC is a very informative site providing everything there is to know about chickens!!

Check out BYC's articles:


I hope you enjoy BYC as much as we all do!!

Very cute chicks! I'm so glad your Silkie accepted them!
Oh, and Jack is very handsome!

Edit: That's so cool you ride! I love riding and training horses! Check out my thread about my horse training adventures!
Also, I would to see some of your horse pictures!
You can post them here: https://www.backyardchickens.com/threads/horse-talk.1082999/
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