Hey, Poppa! What's for dinner? (kinda long post but pic is worth it!)

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    Apr 23, 2007
    I was doing the three brooder switch-a-roo/clean up today;
    I currently have two brooders working, One with the 5 week old dominatrix society (6 Dom pullets and 1 Dom Roo) and my second with 39 mixed chicks from Ideal that I received on the 15th, including 5 Polish 5Turkens 5 barred rock and 24 mixed "I haven't determined what they are yets"
    Well, realizing the two groups prolly wouldn't mix from the git go(the Doms being much much larger I didn't want the babies getting pecked to death)I quickly adopted a large pet taxi into a make shift brooder box for the Dominatrix societ.That kinda put a damper on the way I was cleaning the brooder as I was using the pet taxi as a chickie hotel for the duration of the cleaning process.Fortunately I have another smaller pet taxi that I use as a transport box, taking the Dom Soc out to the run for their daily excursions
    Today after "the trip to the park" with the Dom's I realized that all three brooders/taxi needed a good cleaning. So I set in on the larger taxi, got it cleaned and the society settled back in, which meant time for the big brooder clean up so into the small taxi went the babies Got the big brooder cleaned and set up for the babies again, Turned around to get them outta the small taxi and return them to the brooder box and this is what I see....


    They were acting like they hadn't been fed in a week and I couldn't get the feeder set up fast enough!I was just glad there wasn't a mass escape attempt when I opened the door to put them back into the brooder! It has become quite a juggling act to get all three boxes cleaned and re-furbished for the chickies. Somehow it all works and I get it done and haven't lost s chick since the Rat snake episode and the snake was banished from the house. They're all growing quickly and beginning to feather out some so the identifying can begin! (I think I got my Silver Laced Polish!!!!!!)I think I love my Turkens best so far though! they are like miniature Ostriches! Soooo Kewl! [​IMG] So ugly they can't help themselves! They do love to have the backs of their nekkid necks scratched though! :aww

    Spelling errors intentional, I was a high skool gaduate! Public skool systems - gotta luv-em! [​IMG] [​IMG] Sorry Teachers!!!Poking fun at school systems not the teachers in them! No personal offense intended!
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    Thats cute,they allways act like thier starving to death.

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