"hey, scoot over! im smushed!"

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    Dec 1, 2008
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    here's some pictures of 5 of my soon-to-be flock, but 2 of em arent mine, just friends ones. we moved them to our house cause of how cold they'll be. the ones that aren't mine are the black silkie that doesent have a top as good as mine, and the orange colored cochin is also not mine.

    Roger's mugshot... hehe

    "ay! scoot over!"

    my polish, my silkie and friends silkie


    haha! the bottem is lava! dont fall off!

    hehe i might have more in a sec
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    Aww, cute pics...even if they are silkies......[​IMG] Really, they are cute. Uh oh......I CAN'T submit.....
  3. ThePolishPrincess

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    Roger is gorgeous. What a sweetie! [​IMG]

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