hi all im new here...


5 Years
Apr 17, 2014
just thought id say hi...have had 3 hens for while and now a rooster...the other day I went home to find one hen running in yard and behind her following was 17 new chicks... not sure what to do never had baby chicks....doing a lot of reading on new chicks any tips would be helpful Thanks

If you free range you might want to separate mama and babies out and put them in a brooder area. Babies are pretty easy prey for any sort of animal and the older chickens might pick on them as well. I had one of my hens hatch out chicks without me know last year. I made sure she had a place to get away from the other chickens to sleep with her brood, but other than that she ranged freely with her chicks during the day. You also might want to purchase some chick feed with higher protein for the babies to eat.

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