Hi all


Jun 29, 2022
Coastal N.C.
I got baby chicks 9 wks ago. 1rir,1leghorn 1wyandotte,1easter egger,& 2 brahma st run.(was hoping for a roo) both are female! Last weekend I was given an adult Polish roo he is awesome! Who had been bullied by another roo& a turkey at his old home.He evidently had to fight for food & water as he seems to 'guard' them till he has enough then will let the girls have some.I hope over time he will stop doing this when he realizes he doesn't have to fight anymore. I think I may be spoiling them a bit but they are so sweet! Copper my EE jumps in my lap to be petted every morning & princess Flossie is just an explorer.Right now they have a small coop on closed in porch & run attached but we are building a permanent coop & larger run .We have coyotes & bears for sure so it will be a smaller fort knox! I'm not sure how old Alfie my roo is they had him a year & was grown when they got him, is there anyway to tell his age? Thanks 😊
Below are pics of Copper,Flossie & Alfie!


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