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May 30, 2011
Just wanted to say hello and introduce myself as a new member.

I accidentally became the proud owner of two 16 week old RIR's that were hatched at my childrens school. The children came home 15 weeks ago saying that the school were looking for people to look after the chicks, which I presumed was just for the upcoming holidays. So I agreed and then was told the chicks were for life!! So I rushed out bought a coop and all the bits, since then I have done nothing but research, mites, worms, feeds, feathers, noises, lumps and bumps plus countless more chicken topics. These are the fist chickens I have ever owned I love them to bits and am completely hooked.

Since then we have extended the coop (even though it said it should have housed six chicks I wanted them to have more room, like a 2 man tent it was no way big enough!!) and have added 4 more birds, 2 polish, 1 blue maran and a light sussex.

What a fantastic site, I love that this site is so easily accessible, for help and advice, hopefully I too will become a chicken guru one day!


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Jul 10, 2010
Stonington, illinois
This is a great site for learning. With chickens I have found the more you learn the more you enjoy your chickens. Chickens are addictive as you are finding out.
Glad you joined.


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Mar 8, 2008
Eaton, Colorado
That is a cute story about how you ended up with them! Its even better that you have decided to expand!! They really are wonderful to have around. My DH told me no for 2 years, then he said I could have 10, well it has been 3 years now and i have 2 coops. About 40 chickens, 2 Guineas and a duck!! I am so happy you joined us!


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Feb 24, 2009
Strasburg Ohio
Hello Helen and welcome! Lucky you, and just think you would never know the pleasure of keeping chickens unless your child's classroom hadn't hatched those two RIR.......

Sounds like you're really enjoying it!


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