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Discussion in 'Ducks' started by harriettasmania, Jan 19, 2016.

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    Jan 17, 2016
    Good morning all (it's morning here in Australia).

    I've recently joined and I posted my introduction in the newbie forum.

    I could really use some advice. I have 2 beautiful baby ducklings Mallard/khaki Campbell cross 2 weeks old.
    I've had them since 4 days old and having 5 baby chicks too had my ducklings on chick starter (crumble) which they loved ... I mean the devoured it. But..... This crumble was medicated (Avatec -lasalocid). I immediately stopped as I'd read here that medicated food can kill or damage baby ducks. I felt awful.

    Anyway I have now got the unmediated chick starter and my babies will not eat it!!!!!??????

    I am really worried. They're peeping at me like they're always hungry. They have meal worms once a day. Greens cut up including herbs (I have a good veg patch). I'm just anxious.
    Does anyone here know if Avatec is bad for my babies ????? They loved the old food!!

    Please HELP! Or any advice please??? What else could I feed them just so I can leave them food 24/7.

    Much much thanks.

    Harriet x
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    Try mixing some of the old feed in with the new and see if that will encourage them to eat. Gradually increase the % of the new (over a period of days) until they are on 100 % new feed.
  3. harriettasmania

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    Jan 17, 2016

    Thank you so much SL. I've tried this as I was getting desperate for them to eat and they are now eating some .... But mostly picking out the medicated food.
    I'll go back to the supplier today and see what other food options I have available.

    Thanks again so much for your reply.

    H x
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    [​IMG] Welcome!

    Just wanted to add some things... Make sure they are getting enough niacin. You'll need to add it to their feed or water. There are different options for how to do that. If you do a quick search here on BYC you'll get lots of info. I personally used the brewers yeast method.

    Since you are feeding them more than just chick feed, you also need to provide them with grit.This should be given free choice in a separate bowl. The feed store should have it but make sure you get the chick grit for birds under 12 weeks. (I speak from experience.) If they don't have it, you can offer clean sand.

    For the food you might try mixing some of the meal worms in with the food.Though you want to be careful not to give them too many meal worms. Too much protein is not healthy for them. You could also try making the food into a mash by adding water. That might get them to eat more.
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