Hi every one !! just starting out in CT


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May 30, 2012
Killingly CT
Hello everyone , Im new to all this chicken stuff ..It all started with a trip to a tractor supply store and seeing all the fuzzy yellow peepers running and playing .. I couldnt resist myself I took 6 home built a coop and and surrounded that with a dog kennel then made a safe fenced in area around that for them to run and play .. then weeks after I was browsing the web and saw pics of silkies found a local breeder bought 2 then a week after that went back to the local feed and grain and bought 2 more chicks ..which Im embarassed to say have no clue what kind I bought I just picked out a black and yellow one and a brown speckled one LOL ... Now Im having a hard time figuring out what they are . .I have their sweet mugs in my pic album maybe you can help me ?? .. Anyway I love these chicks I never would have guessed I would be raising 10 birds let alone chickens ..But I have always loved animals and Heck why not ??? they are fun to watch and not that bad to take care of plus hey I get eggs in a few months ! So If you have any helpful tips I would love to hear them .. Thanks for reading ..=)

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