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Oct 5, 2014
Hi everyone !

Glad to be here ,I'm in Hampton Roads Virginia and would like to hear from other chicken people with their advise or ideas as well as from other locals too. I have 4 girls 2 RI Reds and 2 Buff Orp.s

love my gals so does my dog (I'm not sure if they think they are dogs or they have my dog thinking he is a chicken LOL)

I will post pictures of the new hen-house i just built to get my girls out of the smaller one that I got when they were chicks . it is still a work in progress and I would welcome any and all advise on it .

Any ideas on how to get my girls to use it over their childhood one?
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Hello there and welcome to BYC!

Wow, how nice your dog enjoys your chickens! Many dogs see chickens as dinner. Nice flock too!

Make yourself at home here. Ask any questions you may have about anything. And we do welcome you to our flock!
Hello :frow and Welcome To BYC! Pretty flock! When you have their new home built, if you lock them in it for a few days or a week or so they should think of it as home and go back to it, (and block off the old one some they can't go in it at night when you let them back out.)
trying to lure them with food they get a little closer each day i have them to the threshold of the people door now , funny while i was building it they were all over me supervising maybe i didnt listen well enough and they are guilt tripping me lol. i can sit anyplace in the yard and they will eat out of my hand but in the new house they just stand at the door and look at me funny

So glad you joined us.

Great photos.

Chickens are creatures of habit and anything new is often taboo til one explores. Moving them in every nite for a while would work. But today try placing their favorite treats inside the door, make sure they see it and remove yourself somewhere they can't see you. If one's greed overcomes fear, bet they'll all soon follow?

Good luck. You have gorgeous chickens and a very cute, sweet looking dog blends in with the flock.

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