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    May 18, 2019
    Hi my names justin From Gulfport Ms new to chickens. I have always wanted chickens and I was able to convince my wife to get chickens with the help of my kids. She was scared with me on call all the time I would not have time for them. But I enjoy watching them in my free time and my kids love them. My kids picked them so we have one barred rock, one Rhode Island Red, one red sex link and 2 Easter Eggers. All were supposed to be pullets but recently found out one of the Easter Eggers is a cockerel. 18ACBF39-E3B0-486C-9042-C7703B27F69A.jpeg 989C8969-7235-42B4-A86B-E4EF242504C5.jpeg

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    Feb 14, 2019
    Petal Mississippi
    EE’s have always been a little harder sex because of there crazy genetic diversity
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    Those are some beautiful chickens! I was originally going to get a Rhode Island but ended up getting an australorp and a crested cream legbar, has limited choices but I love them to bits.

    Good luck with them!
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  4. Lovely birds! I have found that with my chickens I can meet tgeir basic needs easily. Even the babies. But if i wanted to their care could take up every minute of every day!
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