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Mar 21, 2009
Iron Station, NC
Hi we are Beth and Joey and we live in the Piedmont of North Carolina! we live on about 2 acres of land, and feel like it is a great time to start a small backyard flock! we have pretty much finished building the coop, minus a few minor details. we were initially going to get 16 week old white leghorns and a RIR roo. but we decided to research more and try our hand at chickies as well. we bought them today at TSC, and have been quite amused by them. I never thought chickens had personalities but you can already see a few of them showing it. We have one that wants to be top chick and it's one of the smaller ones. but still funny. As many of you know, it is Chick Days a TS and we got 5 assorted pullets and 5 assorted Reds. We are reading as much as we can and asking our more 'mature' neighbors questions. We are eager to learn and feel we are ready to take them on!! we are going to get the older chickens soon, so we will have eggs soon, while waiting on the little ones to grow. We want to raise a dual purpose flock (hoping I don't get too attached). I have been reading on this site, for a while now, and finally registered and reading the forums. thanks to anyone that gives us advice, because we are always in search of it from the pros.


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Jan 1, 2008
Good luck with your new flock.

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