Hi from SEQ, Australia


6 Years
Sep 25, 2013
Queensland, Australia
Hi, I'm on an island off the coast of SE Queensland, Australia.

I've given a home to ex-battery hens in the past, but at the moment only have two Pekin-Silkie-cross sisters. They are hopeless at catching bugs in the garden and laying eggs, but are a pleasure to watch puttering around the back yard with their big feathery behinds. I also have two outside aviaries with 45+ Japanese quail, the larger of which (30+) has females laying and hatching eggs on their own, and the other (12 quail) where the resident lorikeet and budge think they are also part of the covey.

I'm looking forward to making my way through all the information on the site!


If your silkie cross sisters have large crests and beards - cutting them short with enable the birds to actually see insects, etc. You'll be surprised how much better than do. There is an Aussie thread on here called "Six states and one funny little island." they also seem to hang out at the emu threads.
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